Pen Makers Workshop

Founded by Professor Paul Cheung, Pen Makers Workshop aspires to foster the use and love of pens, the instrument for message and knowledge sharing for centuries, through making hand-crafted pens. 

About Our Workshop

 The Pen Makers Workshop was founded by Professor Paul Cheung in 2018 with a vision to foster the love and use of pens, the instrument for sharing messages and knowledge for centuries, through hand-crafted pen making.   All pens made in this workshop are uniquely hand-crafted from high quality hard wood, burl wood, tru-stone marble or acrylic resin.


Pen Making Classes

All students will take away a pen that they make themselves at the end of each class depending on their skill level.

The pen-making classes are divided into different levels:

Intro to Pen Making (2 hours)
Pen Making for Beginners (3 hours)
Intermediate Pen Making (3 hours)
Advanced Pen Making (3-4 hours)



Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, all scheduled pen making classes have been suspended for over a year until further notice.  Interested parties are welcome to contact the Pen Makers Workshop for special arrangement.


Our Story

Pens have for centuries been the key instrument in different cultures for archiving, recording, and sharing information, messages, stories, poetry and knowledge.  With the rise of computers, humankind is at risk of losing the ability to write and use this instrument.  Read more about our story how and why we set up this workshop.

Private & Corporate Pen Making

We are happy to schedule private or corporate pen maing classes for individuals, small private groups or corporate team-building initiatives.  Please contact us for details.

Commissioned Pens

Commissioned pens for special occasions (birthday, wedding, significant anniversary, graduation etc) are welcome.    Please  contact Pen Makers Workshop for details.

Founder and Partners



Paul CHEUNG, Founder & Director

Paul founded the Workshop in 2018 upon his retirement as Professor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Hong Kong where he had served for 38 years since 1980.  His passion for pen making was inspired by his identical twin brother, Professor Peter Cheung of Imperial College.  He was formerly Dean of Engineering (1994-2000), Director of Technology Transfer (2004-2017) and Associate Vice-President (Research) 2014-16) at the University.  He is currently Honorary Professors in Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and in Department of Computer Science.  He was also co-founder of HKU DreamCatchers and Programme Directors of MSc in E-Commerce & Internet Computing and of HKU Entrepreneurship Academy, and is currently Advisor of HKU iDendron.

Alex CHAN, Chief Adminstrator

I’m Alex Chan, graduate of MSc in E-Commerce and Internet Computing, The University of Hong Kong, volunteer in some community services and in organising StartUp Weekend HKU.

I have won pen, amongst other things as prize, but I haven’t hand made a pen prior to joining PMW and it is a wonderful experience as you see your hand made pen starts to take shape and each other is so unique. One would love to write something with the pen.

I look forward to seeing you soon at Pen Makers Workshop. Let’s make Pen and write.

Ivan LAW, Technologist

I grew up hand making my own toys out of toilet paper rolls and card boxes. As a software engineer, I love creating cool stuff and provide solutions that can help others. There is no passion to be found playing small-in settling than venture to see what you are capable of by trying new. Trust me, it is an incredible experience when you start to see your pen taking form while its unique patterns started to emerge as you polish final touch of your pen. Be part of Pen Making Workshop journey and share that experience with friends and families.

Andy LEUNG, Marketeer

Andy is a young entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. He is one of Paul’s student back in 2012, studying MSc in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing in HKU. He always enjoys craftsmanship as one of his hobbies and recently given the chance to experience handcrafting pens. He handcrafted multiple pens since then and one of his favourite pens is crafted from tru-stone marble. He believes through crafting a pen from scratch, people would bound to the beauty of pens, and he wishes that more people will understand the meaning of pen to human history and to preserve the culture.

Luthier WING, Craft Master

Over a decade ago, I started to pursue my dream of becoming a maker of string instruments. I started by studying in a violin making school in the US, and subsequently received training in violin factories and luthier workshops. I now own and run a string instrument making and repairing shop in Hong Kong, with a mission to bring quality handcrafted pieces to string players in Hong Kong. To me, craftsmanship is not just about the creation of new pieces but is a process of ensuring that each piece bears the mark of the uniqueness of the maker. Each handmade music instrument bears the signature of the maker; similarly, each handmade pen bears the unique style of its crafter. Each player has his or her own style of playing music, and a custom made music instrument helps to bring out that uniqueness. Everyone writes in a different way, in terms of the handwriting and what we write. I am honoured to be part of the Pen Makers Workshop, which celebrates the art of handwriting and making writing instruments.
I hope to meet more like-minded people through the PMW !

Pens For Sale

All pens sold at Pen Makers Workshop are personally hand-made by Professor Paul Cheung.  A small stock is kept in the Workshop and pens can be commissioned for special occasion (e.g. significant birthday, wedding, retirement, anniversary etc).  Commissioned pens take about 5 – 7 days to be made unless Paul is not in town, then it may take longer. Please contact Pen Makers Workshop for details.

Happy Students

“I have had my first taste of craftsmanship through pen making; I came to see the value of patience and practices all at the same time.”
- Steven Ho, Former CEO, Kerry Properties

“I never imagined I could be a craftsman working with craft tools and handling machines, but Paul made the whole pen-making process so simple and easy! I enjoy that satisfying feeling whenever I look at my own beautiful creation.”
- Pauline Tse, Sports Coach


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